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Frayed and Fragmented: Our Human Footprint (2019)

There are several different environmental struggles from climate change, pollution, and deforestation, to simply the abuse of our natural resources.  My vision for exhibition is to examine the relationship between our human actions and investigate the abuse revolved around animals in relation to their environments, to first evoke a reaction of shock that will develop into remorse that can further cause the audience to reflect on their own daily habits or actions. 

The works I have selected for this exhibition utilize common animal and flower motifs to thematically connect the oppression of animals and nature with that of its delicacy and beauty.  Each work highlights a different animal(s), endangered or threatened, by our actions, from direct animal abuse, to habitat loss, to indirect poisoning.  The mood dictated using color, as well focal point of each work direct the audience to the animal’s state of harm.   Additionally, each work reflects a heavy juxtaposition between light potential beauty and the dark consuming effects of the human impact.

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